Buying Double Glazed Doors for your home

UPVC Front Doors FittedIf you are going to replace your front door, then it should be with a solid, long lasting and secure one . To fit these needs, you need look no further than modern uPVC & composite front doors.

Made from a combination of polymers and high density GRP, these doors can take a real hammering and still look great after many years.

The selection of colours and designs is really very extensive with loads of variations in sizes, glazed sections, panels, frames and thresholds.

If you have a wide opening, then you can either fit a double door or maybe a side panel or two. If your doorway is over 7 ft high, you may also need a top panel to fill in the gap as a door itself is around 6 1/2 feet high plus the frame of about 4 to 6 inches (top & bottom combined)

Learn more about the cost of double glazed front doors here:

UPVC Front Doors Fitted
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