Composite Doors Buying Guide:

Door styles, high security multi-point locking, resistance to weathering

Composite doors have been increasing in popularity over the last 5 years. Composite style doors offer many benefits to the customer including resistance to weathering.

UPVC Exterior DoorsAs Exterior Doors and External Doors, they aesthetically look very similar to solid wooden doors, they are generally more secure and solid than upvc doors, have hidden butt hinges, optional custom backing glass, leaded glass designs, bevel glass designs.

Security via multi-point locking, giving optimal high security. Multiple colours, wooden effect moldings and that’s just to name a few…

If you would like a solid secure front door for your home that does not need any upkeep and looks just like solid wood, then the composite door is for you.

The composite door range has only recently begun to take off so not many people understand exactly what to look for in a composite door and why they are so beneficial and high value for money. Having a good understanding of composite doors will help you make an informed decision when choosing a suitable door for your home.

In this article we would like to share with you some of the pro’s and con’s of composite doors when compared to upvc doors and wooden doors.

Security Multi-point locking

Composite doors usually have the same type of upvc door locking systems which are very high quality and secure. Obviously this is a huge plus side as compared to wooden doors which do not usually have a solid and full locking system. ‘Rock Doors’ are well known for the ‘secured by design’ accreditation.

Resistance to weathering

Again the solid Rock Door has excellent Resistance to weathering with the weather resistant pvc polymer layer moulded over the casing of the composite door panel.

The frame work of the composite door is made up of upvc and steel just like the frame of a upvc door. This provides optimal weather resistance and has a long weather resistant life.

Wooden doors are not as resistant to weather conditions and can warp and even split in extreme temperatures. They also have to be regularly maintained with water resistant paint to stop water seeping into the wood.

What are composite exterior doors made from?

4 Composite Exterior Doors Designs

Usually composite doors are made up with a 70mm PVCu outer frame with galvanized steel re-enforcement. This would be the main outer frame of the composite door that fixes into the brickwork of your home.

The main panel of your composite exterior door consists of the following:

  • A pvc sub frame which is built for extra stability
  • A hardwood inner frame which creates the solid wood door panel
  • An injection of thermally efficient foam making the door panel highly energy efficient
  • Then a 3mm pvc edging which is moulded and embossed giving a solid wood panel effect
  • Finally, a GRP skin wraps the whole door panel, giving a woodgrain effect while also ensuring the door will not crack, warp or ever need painting.

Composite Door Styles

Composite doors come in a variety of designs and colours. Composite doors in white, black, blue, green, oak, red and rosewood giving you the ultimate in choice.

You can choose from a solid wood composite door style all the way through standard backing glass types to intricate lead design and classy bevel styles.

You can have a variety of door furniture/hardware such as gold, chrome, black and white door handles, door knockers, door plates/letter boxes and spy holes.

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Composite Door Specifications

Doors are guaranteed not to warp, twist or flake. They will never need painting. Glazing can be changed if accidentally broken or you simply feel like a change.

Completely safe and secure. Composite doors are fitted with the very latest Yale multi point locking system which is endorsed by the Master Locksmiths Association and all leading insurance companies.

Composite doors can be installed or supplied with a low aluminium threshold for disability access.

Tested by experts, doors have been independently tested and achieved full accreditation for the stringent PAS 23/24 standard including the new clause 11 that covers severe physical attack on the lock cylinder and door handle.

  • ANNEXD certification- The composite door range also complies with the latest requirements of PAS 23, ANNEX ‘D’ and they have undergone extreme thermal performance testing to guarantee it withstands the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions.
  • PAS 24 Enhanced security performance- Certified accreditation gained after independent testing against extreme physical attack using various methods that replicate those commonly used by unwanted intruders.

All composite doors are also highly thermal efficient and use materials from a sustainable resource. See

Composite & UPVC Exterior Doors