A Guide To Choosing A Conservatory Design

Building a classic conservatory will require planning permission from building and construction authorities. Thus the design of your conservatory’s external structure is an important aspect of its construction.

Conservatories are available in many designs and styles like Victorian conservatory, Edwardian conservatory, garden conservatory etc. These can also be categorised by the shape and materials used while building a conservatory like p shaped conservatory, gable end conservatory, double glazed conservatory etc.

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UPVC ConservatoriesChoosing the right type of conservatory design: This totally depends on the style of house onto which the conservatory is being built. The interior of a conservatory is equally important if you are wishing to turn the room into a pleasant living space. The two most commonly installed conservatory types are Victorian conservatory and Edwardian conservatories.

Temperature control: This factor should be considered for all seasons. While the summer sun may fade furniture and overheat the room, there is also a good chance of the room being horribly cold and unpleasant in the winter months. The correct choice of glass can provide UV protection and insulation to the room, making your conservatory a pleasant environment all year round. Glass conservatories should be preferred to be used as greenhouses only.

Choosing the right floor: Flooring alternatives for your conservatories include wooden floors, concrete flooring, carpets or tiles. Plain concrete and tiles are practical, in the sense that they are easy to clean. However, the costs involved in keeping the room warm in the cooler months are likely to increase, unless you choose under floor heating. Wooden floors, on the other hand, are warm underfoot and are an optimal option for cold and warm seasons. They also look charming and are easy to clean.

UPVC ConservatoriesChoosing the right glass for your conservatory: One of your glass options is to use insulated double glazed glass panels. Conservatories with this type of glass are referred to as double glazing conservatories. Insulated glass panels actually contain two layers of glass, though space is left between the two panels. The space is then filled with krypton gas, argon gas, carbon dioxide, air or a combination of different gases. Much cheaper option is a single glazed glass.

Thus if money is an issue and you don’t plan to use the conservatory in the winter, single layer glass may be the way to go. Make sure to purchase your structure from a conservatory company that has a tempered glass. Tempered glass is more resistant to breaking and, if it does break, it will crumble rather than break in shards.

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